by Haunter



Split with our homies MOTHS (


released March 9, 2015

Bradley Tiffin - Vocals, Bass, Backing Guitars (track 3)
Enrique Bonilla - Guitars
Mark Cruz - Drums

Recorded by Enrique Bonilla and Bradley Tiffin
Mixed and Mastered by Bradley Tiffin



all rights reserved


Haunter San Antonio, Texas


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Track Name: Mirrored
i've been shattered in lucidity
my actions directly mirror my thoughts
and the impulse to crave
your presence is a constant bother
for our circumstances are so much different now
you're hinged on my ability to trust,
should I become unstable

i often picture myself
sitting alone
in comfort
replaying conversations

pin-pointing the exact words
that altered what I am today
Track Name: Lull
slow descent, half life
intervals crippling
true happiness

lulling eyes, sunk in face
those last days, your wheezing gaze
cataracts, your bones misplaced
out of line, vertebrae
age and memories, wearing down your teeth
falling to my knees, i hear you faintly wheeze
making hard decisions
tears and leash in hand
carried you to help
couldn't help a single thing

underneath these shaded trees, rest in peace

the needle breaks the surface
we give our final embrace
our gazes meet, embrace tightens
life gives way

chemical memory unleashed
total spectral emotional release
a post-ethereal death
Track Name: For Who I Was, For That I Am No More
underneath thickening layers of dermis
my lack of veins
my sense of self-worth
eroding at the threshold
a catalyst to personal freedom

personal incarceration
what is left of the "physical" is beyond me
searching for peace with spoon and flame
to where i can't tell euphoria from madness

blackness rises into flame
engulfed by an infernal realization
of where i am

my eternity, my damnation
rejoice, paradise is lost
thou art dead, nothing of worth
and your home is here, forevermore
until the end of the last day

mumble for forgiveness
as the heat sears the tongue
bless this sacrifice unto us
in this, his darkest hour
they lap at me with tongues
scorching skin

melting bone to the marrow
for who i was
for that i am no more

the hour of judgement has surpassed me
and i lie in ruin
with his infernal majesty