He Who Jumps Into The Void Owes No Explanation To Those Who Stand And Watch

by Haunter

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Duncan Kennedy
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Duncan Kennedy Fucking awesome Blackened Screamo Favorite track: Counting Orchids.


released September 7, 2014

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Haunter.



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Haunter San Antonio, Texas


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Track Name: Counting Orchids
walking in no direction
an obscure path
i was counting the orchids

when you asked
if we "took
too many
tabs this time"

but that didn't matter
because i was boxed in
by my own dissatisfaction
i hadn't blossomed

that was the
last time you
ever saw
my face again

i never felt identified
and now i'll never know
no andromeda medication
could pull me out of my foxhole

pardoned myself
from all relevance
at that point
i wanted nothing
Track Name: Language As A Concept
translucent stream of thought
i can't comprehend the recycling
white wall of noise
rising in frequency
smearing the peripheral

cobalt sky that
i am trying so hard
to concentrate on

whatever words are being said
i can't put together
phrases and sentences
but language as a concept
is clear to me

i'm fucking blunted

Track Name: Broat
she said this would be a disaster
sails tear waves tore
though the hull faster
than we could reach the shore
cast away of all rapture
body trembling and overwhelmed
nothing left to hold onto
lack of faith no god could help

everything sank into
the ancient mariner's abyss

down at the bottom
where mermaids weep
no air in my lungs
the skies watch me sinking
not floating back up
with life in me

violent winds scatter
my life's work

hope dwindles lower
every second
the sea
she swallowed me whole

the waves crash upon
my sea-torn flesh
red in the water
sleeping with fish

as she waits on the shore
months turn to years
years grew her tired
still she waits

in fucking vain
Track Name: Emeralds & Opals
a viaduct of contemplation
tattered and worn
crossing over, through decisions
in which i'm not confident

showered in emeralds
and black opals
bathed in distinct timeframes
but no reminiscence of ease

diverged in golden pastel
canvases of an eroded spirit
that i was a vessel

here, i wake in degredation